We deliver art courses that equip care staff of older people with the skills and materials to lead art workshops.

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Art Workshop Training for Care Staff

We have developed a series of arts activities that are dementia friendly, require no previous art knowledge and are easy to lead. Each session can be adapted to suit a variety of abilities and take varying amounts of time to complete. 

Our package includes:

  • 1 x day training session for care staff 
  • Printed workshop plans that can be followed by any trained staff member
  • Custom made powerpoint presentations
  • Art materials 
  • Access to supplementary online materials
  • Ongoing email and phone support for questions and comments

Making Time can also provide tailored packages that include support in staging exhibitions of older peoples’ artworks in care homes.

This wonderful landscape painting was created by a resident with a diagnosis of dementia

Contemporary Art for Care Staff

We also lead arts education sessions for care staff that explore the experience of ageing through the eyes of artists. From Nick Knight's iconic Levi's campaign featuring models aged 60 - 86 to William Utermohlen's series of self portraits that were created as his diagnosis of dementia developed, we lead care staff through a radically new, vibrant and thoughtful vision of older people. 

Our package includes:

  • 1 x day training session for care staff including a gallery or studio visit 
  • Printed reference materials

Nick Knight is among the world's most innovative photographers. His campaign for Levi's featured mid west cowboys aged 60-86.